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Potentiostat П 5848 (ZIP-Gomel, USSR) connected to a XY-recorder (Scholtheim, DDR) and a digital voltmeter (Pravets, Bulgaria) Electrochemical workstation comprising a potentiostat type bi-PAD (Tacussel Electronique, France), a generator EG-20 (ELPAN, Poland); digital voltmeter (Pravets, Bulgaria)
One of the 3 portable electrochemical workstations PalmSens (Palm Instruments BV, the Netherlands) with bi-pot module All the Palm-Sens potentiostates are computer controlled
Small digital microscope Chronos with 2 MP camera, (magnification X230) computer controlled. UV-Vis spectrophotometer (Carl Zeiss, Jena, Germany) General laboratory equipment: ultrasonic bath, pH meter HI-211 (Hanna Instruments, USA),micropipets
The laboratory of electrochemistry at the Department of Physical chemistry, Plovdiv University PalmSens potentiostate