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Plovdiv University (PU), being the second largest university in Bulgaria, is a leading cultural, educational and scientific institution in Bulgaria. The University was founded in 1961 as a Pedagogical institute of natural and mathematical sciences. It was declared a University in 1972. Today Plovdiv University fully justifies and maintains its reputation of a University, educating students in more than forty subjects in the field of natural, humanitarian, social and economical sciences.

PU stimulates the participation of scientists in research activities by creating conditions for the preparation of research projects, providing the necessary equipment and technical service of the projects and supporting young and talented scientists. Through its Department of Scientific research (NPD) Plovdiv University provides full service with respect to financial, administrative, accounting and legal issues.The University of Plovdiv (PU) will assist the implementation of the project by taking following responsibilities: These statements were agreed with the respective academic authorities of the University.