TASCE' 2018

Third Anniversary Scientific Conference on Ecology

Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2-3 November 2018


Third Anniversary Scientific Conference on Ecology' 2018
30 years Department of Ecology and Environmental Conservation
Faculty of Biology, University of Plovdiv "Paisii Hilendarski"
2-3 November 2018, Plovdiv, Bulgaria




The Third Anniversary Scientific Conference on Ecology is organized to commemorate the the 30th anniversary of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Conservation, Faculty of Biology, University of Plovdiv ‘Paisii Hilendarski”. The conference will be held in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) on November 2-3, 2018. On November 1st 2018 will be held the Tenth Anniversary Student’s Scientific Conference “Ecology – A Way of Thinking” 10 (for Bulgarian students and PhD students only).

The conference aims to provide an ideal platform for people to share research ideas and experiences in the fields of Ecology, Environmental Conservation and related areas. Traditionally the conference will be held in three thematic sections:

• Biodiversity and conservation biology
• Applied ecology
• Ecological education and management


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: ecology and conservation of microorganisms, plants, aquatic and terrestrial animals, physiological ecology, behavioral ecology, population ecology, population genetics, community ecology, plant-animal interactions, ecosystem ecology, parasitology, animal evolution, ecological monitoring and bioindication, landscape and urban ecology, conservation ecology, ecotoxicology, marine biology, ecological education and legislation, as well as new methodical contributions in ecology.


The official languages of the conference are Bulgarian and English. We welcome abstract submissions.


Conference location:


The conference will be held at the Ramada Hotel Plovdiv at 2 Kapitan Raicho str, 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria.



For more information about the venue (accommodation, useful information, etc.) please visit their website.







Day 1 (November 2nd 2018)


9:00-10:30 – Registration and preparations for the Poster session


10:30-10:45 – Opening ("Trakia" Hall, Trimotium Hotel)


10:45-11:00 - Greetings


11:00-11:30 – Plenary presentation: Prof. Nesho Chipev, PhD - „Glоbalization of ecology and ecology of globalization“


11:30-12:00 – Plenary presentation: Prof. Yordan Uzunov, PhD - „Bio-monitoring or monitoring of biodiversity?“


12:00-13:00 - Poster session


13:00-14:00 – Lunch break (the restaurant on the first floor, next to the reception)


14:00-16:00 – Oral presentations


16:00-16:30 – Coffee break


16:30-18:15 – Oral presentations


19:00 – Official Dinner („Ambassador“ Restaurant)


Day 2 (November 3rd 2018)


Visit to the Regional Natural History Museum - Plovdiv.


DOWNLOAD the program and BOOK OF ABSTRACTS here!


Section “Biodiversity and conservation biology”


Chairman: Assoc. Prof. D. Georgiev, DSc

Secretary: Ch. Assist. Prof. I. Mollov, PhD


Oral presentations




Author(s): Dimitar Stoykov

Title: Lichenized fungi (Ascomycota) from Central Rilski Reserve (Rila Mts.)




Author(s): Mila Ihtimanska, Julia Ilkova, Paraskeva Michailova

Title: Biodiversity of family Chironomidae (Diptera) in Srebarna Lake (North-East Bulgaria) and genome instability of some species from genus Chironomus Meigen, 1803




Author(s): George Manolev, Lilia Philipova, Alexander Pulev, Lidia Sakelarieva

Title: A Checklist of the Herpetofauna in the Bulgarian Part of Hadzhidimovo Gorge (South-Western Bulgaria)




Author(s): Gradimir Gradev, Stilyana Yaneva, Tatyana Bileva

Title: Revew of Colour Ring Schemes Applied for Individual Marking of Birds in Bulgaria




Author(s): Kostadinka Todorova

Title: A new Habitat of Adiantum Raddianum (Adiantum capillus-veneris) near Kardzhali



Poster session (12:00 - 13:00 pm)


Chairman: Prof. I. Velcheva, PhD

Secretary: Ch. Assist. Prof. S. Petrova, PhD, Ch. Assist. Prof. S. Stoyanova, PhD





Author(s): Dimitar Stoykov, Zornitsa Stoyanova

Title: New finds of Cladobotryum, Mycogone and Sepedonium (Hypocreaceae, Hypocreales) in Bulgaria




Author(s): Krasimir Todorov, Iliya Cheshmedzhiev, Plamen Stoyanov, Tsvetelina Mladenova, Ivanka Dimitrova-Dyulgerova

Title: Taxonomic structure of the genus Carduus L. in Bulgaria




Author(s): Plamen Stoyanov, Krasimir Todorov, Ivanka Teneva, Tsvetelina Mladenova

Title: Medicinal Plants on the Territory of the Waterfall Canyon Eco-Trail (Soskovcheto Reserve, The Western Rhodopes)




Author(s): Ivelin Mollov

Title: Assessment of the conservation significance and the threats of the amphibians and reptiles from three wetlands with different degree of anthropogenic influence (South Bulgaria)




Author(s): Tzenka Radoukova, Maria Lacheva, Miroslava Ivanova, Lilko Dospatliev

Title: Determination of the total nitrogen content and anatomical study of the leaves epidermal cells from plant species in urban and mountainous environments




Author(s): Lilko Dospatliev, Maria Lacheva, Miroslava Ivanova, Tzenka Radoukova

Title: Determination of the total Phosphorus content and anatomical study on stomata of plant species in urban and mountainous environments




Author(s): Tzenka Radoukova, Ivanka Dimitrova-Dyulgerova, Rumen Mladenov, Plamen Stoyanov

Title: Phytoecological Study of Selected Wetlands in Southern Bulgaria




Author(s): Plamen Stoyanov, Ivanka Dimitrova-Dyulgerova, Tzenka Radoukova, Rumen Mladenov

Title: Floristic Diversity of Certain Wetlands in Southern Bulgaria



Author(s): Ivanka Teneva, Diyana Basheva, Tsvetelina Mladenova, Plamen Stoyanov, Detelina Belkinova, Rumen Mladenov

Title: Species composition and toxic potential of Cyanobacteria in some Western Rhodopes dams



Author(s): Monika Subeva, Vesela Evtimova, Lyubomir Kenderov, Dimitriy Dashinov, Teodora Teofilova, Desislava Stoianova, Galia Georgieva, Yordan Uzunov, Yanka Vidinova

Title: Ecological potential and benthic macroinvertebrate composition of eight Reservoirs, Bulgaria





Author(s): Ina Aneva, Petar Zhelev, Stoyan Stoyanov, Milena Nikolova, Ivan Evtimov, Todor Karakiev, Julian Marinov, Kristina Georgieva

Title: Survey on the distribution and diversity of genus Thymus in Bulgaria




Author(s): Ina Aneva, Peter Zhelev

Title: The Ecological and Floristic Characteristics of Populations of Sideritis scardica Griseb. in Olympus Mts.




Author(s): Anelia Stojanova

Title: Vertical distribution, seasonal activity and zoogeographical characteristics of Eurytomids (Hymenoptera: Eurytomidae) of Rhodope Mts., Bulgaria




Author(s): Stilyana Yaneva, Gradimir Gradev, Simeon Marin, Tatyana Bileva

Title: Implemetation a Scheme for Individual Tracking with Colour PVC Ring in the Course of the Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni) Recovery as Breeder in Bulgaria




Author(s): Stanislava Peeva

Title: On the activity of Edible dormouse (Glis glis Linnaeus, 1766) in the central part of Stara Planina Mts. (Bulgaria)




Author(s): Yanko Yankov, Dian Georgiev

Title: Terestrial snails (Molluska: Gastropoda) as Intermediate Hosts of Protostrongylid Nematodes in balkan chamois in the regions of Western Rodopi Mts and Pirin Mts., Bulgaria: Preliminary data




Author(s): Jovana Pantovic, Aneta Sabovljevic, Marko Sabovljevic

Title: Conservation of bryophytes: case study on nationally rare and threatened moss Rhodobryum ontariense



Author(s): Jovana Pantovic, Marko S. Sabovljevic

Title: The phenomenon of rarity amongst bryophytes in Serbia



Section “Applied ecology”


Chairman: Assoc. Prof. G. Gecheva, PhD

Secretary: Ch. Assist. Prof. V. Yancheva, PhD


Oral presentations




Author(s): Biljana Rimcheska, Yanka Vidinova

Title: Ecological status assessment of mountainous and semi-mountainous streams of Belasitsa and Ograzhden Mts. via different biotic indices based on benthic macroinvertebrates - the case study on Macedonian territory




Author(s): Rabia Soufi, Violeta Tyufekchieva, Vesela Evtimova, Maria Kerakova-Geleva, Galia Georgieva, Desislava Stoianova, Stefan Stoichev, Ivailo Dedov, Yanka Vidinova

Title: An „INTERCALIBRATION EXERCISE” of different river types in Bulgaria using benthic macroinvertebrates




Author(s): Veska Georgieva, Nadezhda Shopova, Valentin Kazandjiev, Petya Malasheva

Title: Temperature conditions of the soil in the region of the southeastern part of Thracian Plain and the development of the spring crops




Author(s): S. Dzhoglov, V. Mitkovska, D. Boyadzhiev, E. N. Ivanova

Title: Complex study on dependence between some sperm quality parameters and denaturation of DNA in spermatozoa in accordance with environmental and lifestyle factors




Author(s): E. N. Ivanova, A. Alexandrova-Karamanova, S. Ivanov, S. Grozeva, M. Georgieva, T. Dimitrova, T. Hayverova

Title: Characteristics of personality in people with musical talent and other talents




Author(s): E. N. Ivanova, A. Alexandrova-Karamanova, D. Lazarova, B. Bozhinova, E. Karadzhova

Title: Some health problems and their relationship to the basic characteristics of personality




Author(s): S. Dzhoglov, D. Boyadzhiev, E. N. Ivanova

Title: Environment and lifestyle factors in association with some male semen quality parameters



Author(s): Bogdan Nikolov, Iliana Velcheva, Elena Zheleva, Slaveya Petrova

Title: Content of heavy metals and toxic elements in soils from the park zone of the Natural Monument Bunardzhik



Author(s): Vesela Mitkovska, Elena Kirilova, Hristo Dimitrov, Tsenka Chassovnikarova

Title: Nuclear abnormalities in erythrocytes of marsh frog (Pelophylax ridibundus Pallas, 1771) from rice fields



Poster session (12:00 - 13:00 pm)


Chairman: Prof. I. Velcheva, PhD

Secretary: Ch. Assist. Prof. S. Petrova, PhD, Ch. Assist. Prof. S. Stoyanova, PhD




Author(s): V. Yancheva, V. Tsvetanova, P. Dimitrova, S. Stoyanova, E. Georgieva, I. Velcheva

Title: Cd and PAHs alter the gill histological structure and enzymatic activity (GPx, GRx, CAT and AСНЕ) in the digestive gland of zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha Pallas, 1771)




Author(s): Georgi Markov, Atidzhe Ahmed

Title: European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) as a biomonitor for contemporary heavy metal pollution of the environment in forest mountain regions in Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria




Author(s): Gana Gecheva, Yordanka Hristeva

Title: Hydromorphological pressure in mountain and semi-mountain rivers: response of macrophyte communities




Author(s): Poli Chonova, Gana Gecheva, Nikolina Gribacheva

Title: Air pollution biomonitoring in urban ecosystems




Author(s): Ivan Stoyanov, Penka Vasileva, Teodora Popova, Betina Slavova

Title: The effects of lead and cadmium on cell division and chromosomal structure in Allium cepa test system in vivo




Author(s): Y. Stefanov, I. Iliev, M. Marhova, B. Stefanova, S. Kostadinova

Title: Isolation and purification of proteolytic enzymes, produced from strains of genus Bacillus




Author(s): Marin Smilyanov, Emilia Varadinova, Galia Georgieva

Title: Application of experimental metrics based on macrozoobenthos for ecological status assessment of Bulgarian standing water bodies




Author(s): Emilia Varadinova, Slaviniya Kotsakova, Radka Fikova

Title: Current ecological status of the Chetirka (Logodashka) River and tributaries classified by macrozoobethos




Author(s): Bistra Dikova, Milena Nikolova, Anatoli Dzhurmanski

Title: Preliminary study for inhibition of plant viruses by ecologically pure product – extract of Leuzea carthamoides




Author(s): Milena Nikolova, Strahil Berkov

Title: Use of essential oils as natural herbicides



Author(s): Sonya Damyanova, Emilia Varadinova

Title: Ecological State Assessment of Batova River




Author(s): Gorica Djelic, Milica Novakovic, Snezana Brankovic, Sinisa Timotijevic, Zoran Simic

Title: Comparative analysis of metal bioaccumulation et species Petroselinum crispum Mill., Seseli rigidum W. et K. , Daucus carota L., Conium maculatum L.




Author(s): Veska Georgieva, Nadezhda Shopova, Valentin Kazandjiev

Title: Assessment of some agro-meteorological service products




Author(s): Ivan Iliev, Marinela Tsankova, Sonya Kostadinova, Natalia Iovova, Mariana Marhova

Title: Community Level Physiological Profiles of Natural and Constructed Wetland Soils аlong the Maritsa River, Southern Bulgaria



Author(s): Mariana Marhova, Marinela Tsankova, Sonya Kostadinova, Ivan Iliev

Title: Microbial community structure and its biofilm forming capacity in wetland soils, Southern Bulgaria




Author(s): E. Valcheva, V. Popov, P. Marinov-Serafimov, I. Golubinova, B. Nikolov, I. Velcheva, S. Petrova

Title: A case study of allelopathic effect of parsley, dill, onion and carrots on the germination and initial development of tomato plants




Author(s): R. Stoyanova, S. Tomov, N. Nedeva, I. Velcheva, V. Yancheva, E. Georgieva, S. Stoyanova

Title: Effects of exogenous environmental factors and their correlation with sperm parameters in sub/infertile men after treatment with PAPA® nutritional supplement



Author(s): E. Georgieva, V. Yancheva, I. Velcheva, S. Stoyanova

Title: Histochemical and histological changes in liver of rodents and amphibians from Tsalapitsa rice-fields, Bulgaria




Author(s): Vesela Mitkovska, Hristo Dimitrov, Tsenka Chassovnikarova

Title: Induction of erythrocytic nuclear abnormalities by allowable concentration оf cadmium in Common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)




Author(s): Velizar Gochev, Zdravka Velkova, Gergana Kirova, Sonia Kostadinova, Jordan Stefanov, Kostadinka Todorova

Title: Biosorption of lead (II), cadmium (II) and mercury (II) from aqueous solutions by immobilized biosorbent of Bacillus thuringiensis




Section “Ecological education and management”


Chairman: Assoc. Prof. G. Gecheva, PhD

Secretary: Ch, Assist. Prof. V. Yancheva, PhD


Oral presentations




Author(s): Hristina Bancheva-Preslavska, Dilyanka Bezlova

Title: Efficiency of Long- and Short-term Educational Activities for Environmental Protection in Nature Park „Vrachansky Balkan”



Poster session (12:00 - 13:00 pm)


Chairman: Prof. I. Velcheva, PhD

Secretary: Ch. Assist. Prof. S. Petrova, PhD, Ch. Assist. Prof. S. Stoyanova, PhD




Author(s): Borislava Todorova, Iliana Velcheva

Title: The attitude of adolescents towards the management of food wastes



Important Dates:


Full Text Submissions Deadline – 31 October 2018

Conference Date - 2-3 November 2018

Student Conference Date - 1 November 2018


The Registration Form can be downloaded from here and should be filled in and sent to ecologybf @ abv.bg, by 30 September 2018, with subject “TASCE2018 registration”. A confirmation e-mail for registration will be sent back to you by the organizing committee. If you have any questions about the conference, use the e-mail given above.

Registration fee:

Standard Academic fee – 70 Euros

PhD Student fee – 50 Euros (PhD student status proof is needed).
Accompanying person fee – 30 Euros (coffee breaks and official dinner included).

The registration fee must be paid via bank transfer, no later than 30 September 2018:


Bank transffer in BGN

Ecotechnologii'21, 24 Tzar Assen Str. Plovdiv






A scanned bank order of the transfer must be sent to ecologybf @ abv.bg along with the registration form! Also data about the invoice should be also sent along with the registration form. For persons - full names, ID number (personal number), full address; for firms and companies - all company data needed for the invoice. The invoices will be prepared in advance and will be handed out at the conference!

Call for papers

The Organizing Committee invites the submission of abstracts for oral presentation and poster display. The abstracts topic should be related to conference main highlights.


The abstracts should be no more than 2000 characters, including spaces. Please indicate in the registration on-line form whether you wish an oral or a poster contribution. Abstracts are submitted via Registration form, which can be downloaded from the link given below, filled out offline and then sent to ecologybf @ abv.bg. All accepted abstracts will be published in the conference abstract book. Submission deadline – 30 September 2018

Posters for the Poster session must be printed on a single sheet, format A1 (594mm x 841mm) portrait orientation. Participants may present maximum of two oral presentations or posters at the conference with one registration fee!


The full text articles will undergo a peer-review process and if they receive a positive evaluation they will be published in the international scientific journal “Ecologia Balkanica”. Full text submissions must be sent with subject "TASCE2018 full text submission" to ecologia_balkanica @ abv.bg no later than 31 October 2018.

Publishing partner:





Organizing Committee

Prof. Iliana Velcheva, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Gana Gecheva, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Dilian Georgiev, DSc

Ch. Assist. Prof. Atanas Irikov, PhD
Ch. Assist. Prof. Ivelin Mollov, PhD
Ch. Assist. Prof. Slaveya Petrova, PhD
Ch. Assist. Prof. Vesela Yancheva, PhD
Ch. Assist. Prof. Stela Stoyanova, PhD
Borislava Todorova
Bogdan Nikolov


All questions about the conference should be sent to ecologybf @ abv.bg



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