of Atanas Arnaudov

Ph.D., Senior Research Associate


Name: Atanas Dimov Arnaudov
Year and place of birth:  1961, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Education: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Trakian University, Stara Zagora, BG , 1986
Degrees: - M.S. (Veterinary Medicine) - 1986 
- Ph.D. - 1998
Lecture courses: - Animal and human physiology. 
- Ecological physiology of animals and man. 
Research interests: Transfer factor preparations.  Eological physiology and Immunotoxicology.
Memberships: - Union of Scientists in Bulgaria. 
- International Transfer Factor Society, New Orleans, U.S.A.
- European Federation for Experimental Morphology
- European Technology Platform for Global Animal Health (ETPGAH), European Commission, WG1 Expert
Fellowships : - ID-Lelystad, The Netherlands,1998.
- IVI-Mittelhausern, Switzerland, 2002.
- Hebrew University of Jerusalem, State of Israel, 2004.
Contact addresses:
Faculty of Biology 
University of Plovdiv
24, Tzar Assen St. 
4000 Plovdiv 
phone: +359-32-261 509 
fax: +359-32- 261 566 

List of Selected Publications

1.  Ignatov G., St. Bojadjiev, At. Arnaudov, Specific polyvalent immune stimulant for pigs, containing transfer factor. Efficiency against some bacterial and viral infections, Proceedings of Eighth Congress of the Bulgarian Microbiologist, Varna, Oct. 1993, Union of Bulgarian Scientist, 61-65.

2. Arnaudov At.,  The effect of the temperature stress  on the T-cell population of geese, Proceedings of 10th European Symposium on Waterfowl, 22 - 31 March 1995, Halle, Germany, 219 - 222.

3. Arnaudov At., N. Tziporkov, 1996, Some properties and protective activity of specific DLE against Salmonella ch.suis  infection, Biotherapy (Kluwer Acad. Publsh.), 9, 1-3, 105 - 108. (PubMed) cited 5 times

4. Kostov G., Y. Bachvarova, M. Stefanov, At. Arnaudov, 1999, Occurrence of antibodies against Actinomyces pyogenes in blood sera from cattle showing non-specific reaction, Bulgarian Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 2, N1, 41-45.

5. D. Penkov, At. Arnaudov, V. Guerzilov, Hr. Jancheva, Nutritive value of dehydrated lucerne meal in experiments with geese. I. Apparent and true metabolizable energy values, Proceedings of 12th European Symposium on Waterfowl, 18-20 Oct. 1999, Adana, Turkey, 99 - 106.

6. D. Penkov, At. Arnaudov, V. Guerzilov, M. Nikolova, Nutritive value of dehydrated lucerne meal in experiments with geese. II. Content and true digestibility of the amino acid, Proceeding of 12th European Symposium on Waterfowl, 18-20 Oct. 1999, Adana, Turkey, 57 - 62.

7. At. Arnaudov, 2000, Study on the mechanism of the protective action of Salmonella-specific dialysable leukocyte extract, Folia Veterinaria, ( Kosice) 44, 2, 76 - 79. (Abstract)

8. D. Arnaudov, At. Arnaudov, D. Kirin, 2003, Study on the Toxoplasmosis among wild animals, Journal of Experimental Pathology and Parasitology, BAS, Sofia, 6, 11, 51-54. (Full text) cited 2 times.

9. At. Arnaudov, N. Tziporkov, 2003, Study on peripheral lymphoid origins from antigen-stimulated animals, Homo (Univ. Plovdiv “P. Hilendarski” Publsh., 39, 6, 65-72. (Blg.)

10. Arnaudov At., Kr. Arnaudova, 2005, Phenotype and functional investigation of leucocytes of Indian buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) from the Plovdiv region, Animalia (Univ. Plovdiv “P. Hilendarski” Publsh.), 41, 149-158. (Full text)

11. Arnaudov At., N. Tziporkov, 2006, Immunosuppressive activity of fractions of Salmonella choleraesuis. - Folia Veterinaria (Kosice),  50, 1,  33-36.

12. Velcheva I., At. Arnaudov, G. Gecheva, Iv. Mollov. A study of some physiological parameters of three hydrobiotic species under the influence of cooper. - Proceedings of the II International Symposium of Eclogists of Montenegro, Kotor, Montenegro, 20-24 September 2006, 155-160. (PDF - full text)

13. Arnaudov At., 2008, Morphological changes in the skin caused by influence of dializable lymphoid cell extracts, Acta morphologica et antropologica, 13: 121-124.

14. Tomova E., At. Arnaudov, I. Velcheva, 2008. Effects of zinc on morphology of erythrocytes and spleen in Carassius  gibelio. Journal of Environmental Biology, 29(6): 897-902. (PDF - full text)

15. D. Arnaudova, A. Arnaudov and E. Tomova, Selected hematological indices of freshwater fish from Studen Kladenec reservoir, Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2008, 14, 2, 244-250.  (PDF - full text

16. A. Arnaudov, I. Velcheva, E. Tomova, Changes in the erythrocytes indexes of Carassius gibelio (Pisces, Cyprinidae) under influence of Zinc, Biotechnology & Biotechnology equipement, 2009, 23, SE, 167-169. (PDF - full text)

March 23, 2010