Galina Ilieva

PhD, Assoc. Professor

Department of Management and Qauntitative Methods in Economics
Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
University of Plovdiv


24 Tsar Assen Street, Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria
Office: room 351
Phone:+359 (32) 261 365 e-mail: galili [at]



Information Systems and Technologies, Electronic Commerce, Management Information Systems



Business Software, Artificial Intelligence, Electronic commerce

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Recent Publications

Ilieva, G., (2019) Fuzzy Supervised Multi-Period Time Series Forecasting. Cybernetics and Information Technologies 19(2): 74-85

Ilieva, G., (2019) Decision Analysis for Big Data Platform Selection. Engineering Sciences LVI(2): 5-18

Yankova, T., Ilieva, G., & Klisarova-Belcheva, S. (2018) The Bezier Curve as a Membership Function Shape. Annals of the Academy of Romanian Scientists: Series on Mathematics and its Applications 10(2): 245-265

Ilieva, G., (2018) Group Decision Analysis Algorithms with EDAS for Interval Fuzzy Sets. Cybernetics and Information Technologies 18(2): 51-64

Ilieva, G., Yankova T., & Klisarova-Belcheva, S. (2018) Decision Analysis with Classic and Fuzzy EDAS Modifications. Computational and Applied Mathematics DOI: 10.1007/s40314-018-0652-0

Klisarova-Belcheva, S., Ilieva, G., & Yankova, T. (2017) Business Intelligence and Analytics - Contemporary System Model. Trakia Journal of Sciences 15(1): 298-304

Димитров, А., Славенков, Б., Илиева, Г., & Клисарова-Белчева, C. (2017) Училищното и университетско образование в помощ на предприемачите на бъдещето в България. Управление и образование XIII(3): 31-39

Ilieva, G., (2017) Group Decision Analysis with Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Numbers. Cybernetics and Information Technologies 17(1): 31-44

Ilieva, G., & Klisarova, S. (2016) Generalized Nets for Agent-based Modeling. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9876: 45-55

Ilieva, G., (2016) TOPSIS Modification with Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Numbers. Cybernetics and Information Technologies 16(2): 60-68

Ilieva, G., Yankova, T., & Klisarova-Belcheva, S. (2015) Big Data Based System Model of Electronic Commerce. Trakia Journal of Sciences 13(1): 407-413

Ilieva, G., Yankova, T., & Klisarova-Belcheva, S. (2015) Cloud Business Intelligence: Contemporary Learning Opportunities in MIS training. In: Proc. of the 2015 Balkan Conference on Informatics: Advances in ICT, p. 25-32

Ilieva, G., & Dimitrov, A. (2015) Inter-criteria Comparison of Bulgarian Construction Companies Using Fuzzy Relations. Int. Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technologies 4(2): 290-299

Community Services



2012 -

Programme Committee member of the Workshop on Applications of Software Agents (WASA)

2012 -

Programme Committee member of the Balkan Conference in Informatics

2016 -

Reviewer at the International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Data Mining (FSDM)

PhD and Master Students

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