Curriculum Vitae

Name: ANDREEV George Nikolov

Date of birth: 30th January, 1941

Nationality: Bulgarian

Marital status: Married. Two children.

Academic status:

2003-2011 Vice Rector for Science and International Relations at the University of Plovdiv
January 2001 Full Professor
1999-2007 Head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Plovdiv
November, 1999 Defence of the scince degree Dr. Sci. Chem."Interpretation of vibrational spectra of organic compounds and their negative ions"
1989 - 1999 Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Plovdiv.
June, 1989 Assoc. Prof. in Centre of Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy at the University of Plovdiv.
April, 1985 Employed as a Seniour Research Associate at the Central Research Laboratory, University of Plovdiv.
November, 1978 Phylosophy Degree in Chemistry has been obtained in Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia in the field of Vibration Spectroscopy used for structural investigation of organic nitro compounds and their ions.


Current investigations & main activities:
Lectures on instrumental methods for analysis in analytical chemistry as a part of the students educational program. Research work in analytical application of molecular spectroscopy for investigation of different materials from organic and inorganic origin: synthetic products, polymers, liquid crystals, biological substances. Implementation of artificial intelligence in spectra interpretation: expert systems, data bases, chemometrics, and artificial neural networks.

Special achievements:
December, 1980 - February, 1982
and March, 1986 - September, 1986
Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship at the Department of Theoretical and Physical Chemistry, University of Essen, Germany, was granted.

Union of Bulgarian Scientists
Society for Applied Spectroscopy, USA
International Academy Laser Medicine and Surgery, Florence, Italy.

Foreign languages:
English, German, Russian

Current office address:
University of Plovdiv
Faculty of Chemistry
Department of Analytical Chemistry
24, Tsar Assen Street
BG-4000 Plovdiv
+359 32 631446; +359 32 261442
Fax: +359 32 635049
E-mail: andreev @